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Automotive Industry

Over the last twenty years, despite experiencing periods of stagnation, the automotive industrial segment in Slovakia has experienced extremely robust development. It is still, and will be, the backbone of the Slovak economy for some time to come. 

From the purchaser´s perspective, subcontractors are under considerable pressure to boost efficiency, and therefore any costs savings and increases in the efficiency of production leads to higher competitiveness.


Our expertise allows us to offer clients from the automotive industry independent consultancy services in the areas of:

  • Structuring of financial transactions
  • Investment financing
  • Financing of investories
  • Purchasing receivables
  • Financial restructuring
  • Sale of the company
  • Involvement of a strategic partner
  • Purchase of the entire company or a part of it

Our clients are:

  • Producers and suppliers of car products
  • Providers of services to the automotive segment
  • Sellers of cars and accessories