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Commercial Property

The greatest area of our expertise is consultancy in the area of real estate financing which includes, in this segment, the following commercial properties:

  • Shopping centres
  • Office buildings
  • Mixed purpose buildings
  • Logistics projects
  • Flats and houses
  • Building plots

Commercial property is a dynamic sector which started developing in central Europe in the late 90s. Development in this sector has brought many investment opportunities, however it is fundamentally influenced by its cyclical character, which requires a case-by-case approach when financing.

As part of our work we have had opportunity to acquaint ourselves with hundreds of different real estate projects in Slovakia and abroad. We have arranged dozens of financial transactions:

  • Construction loans
  • Long-term investment loan
  • Refinancing loans
  • Bridging loans
  • Mezzanine loans
  • Establishment of an investor in a company

Our clients in the real estate segment are mainly:

  • Real estate developers
  • Real estate investors
  • Property owners