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Transport and Logistics

Thanks to our long-term position in the banking sector, we have gained valuable insight concerning the functioning and financing of many companies in the fields of transport and logistics. These segments are closely linked to the performance of the real economy. Any understanding of the environment in which these companies operate also requires knowledge from other areas of the economy. 

The infrastructure sector is extremely diverse. Clearly, its largest investor is the state in the form of state-owned companies, regions, towns, villages and so on. On the other hand, some infrastructure projects, primarily in the field of telecommunications and data transmission, are financed from commercial sources. 

Our clients in this area are mainly:

  • Passenger transport operators 
  • Goods operators 
  • Logistics operators
  • Minor telecommunications firms
  • Companies providing services to telecommunications firms

A steady presence and considerable experience has helped us to provide independent consulting services in the following areas:

  • Arranging investment loans
  • Purchasing of receivables
  • The sale or purchase of a company